Success Story: the MICRODC closure

The MICRODC closure was born from the ability to identify a gap in the market, specifically the lack of a closure of small dimensions, and provide a solution to it. Optotec’s MICRODC is a versatile, compact (<2lt), and easy-access closure designed for loose tube and micromodules cable. Moreover, this product differs from other closures in…

Success Story: PF2 and Colonnino 90

Different needs require tailor-made solutions. Our cabinets and pedestals match the demands of FTTH network in Italy and abroad, based on geographical specificities, installation methods and population density. Like all Optotec’s products, cabinets and pedestals are characterized by versatility and customization, too: these make them winning and competitive  products. In our portfolio, the examples I…

Christmas holidays

Our Company will be closed for Christmas holidays from 24th December 2020 to 6th January 2021. Our Warehouse will manage all shipments no later than 22th December 2020, due to annual inventory. We wish you a Merry Christmas and fruitful 2021.

New Closures – Version 2

Optotec has a wide range of closures matching every needs in telecommunications networks. They are watertight containers (IP68, IEC 529) able to join and terminate traditional cables and micro-cables with G652 and G657 fibers, used for underground networks, in handholes, manholes and for aerial, wall or pole applications. Discover all the differences ⬇️

New ODP – OptoDomus Products

Fiber to the Home: what’s missing? To complete our FTTH product portfolio, Optotec designed small, compact and versatile accessories to bring the fiber optic last connectivity solution to your place. The Optodomus line was created to be adaptable to every installation solution. For more information see the product page ⬇️

Optotec is a new member of Breko Association

Optotec is keen to announce that is part of the Breko Association.  Our aim is to contribute actively to the Breko Association working groups focusing our products platforms evolution on the German VOM (Voice of the Market) to contribute at the achievement of the German Federal Government’s broadband targets. 

OBS Optical Blade Splitters

  – Front opening to ease access and maintenance operations – Horizontal splitters position to optimize management space – Storage of up to 32 modules (splitter 1:16 o 1:8) to maximize high density fiber arrangement – Available in 3 or 5 units height – 19” standard – Suitable for both left or right pre-installed shelves…

New street cabinets OPTO-CAB FTTH

Compact street cabinets OPTO-CAB are a key element in the FTTH, GPON, P2P networks.Compact street cabinets OPTO-CAB are a key element in the FTTH, GPON, P2P networks.Ideal for a quick activation and final users re-configuration process.Their use is excellent both in PFS2, PFS3 and CNO or PFS4 configurations.